Each Dalvento finial comes complete with a black powder coated steel rod making it ready to be mounted into a roof mount, garden pole, or floor base.


We offer finials in a several styles, sizes, colors, and materials. With such a diverse selection, there is sure to be a finial to suit almost anyone's needs. Sometimes too many choices can lead to confusion and indecision. But don't despair! There is no need to be concerned. Dalvento had made it simple to choose the finial that is right for you: it's as easy as 1-2-3!

All Dalvento finials are hand-made from quality materials by old world craftsman using the tried and true techniques of the ancients.


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Florentine finials, Provence Finials, Kyoto Finials, Bostonials Finials




Dalvento finials sold in Nashville


We carry the largest selection of Finials in Nashville!